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The MOBILISE Wiki in the Biowikifarm

The MOBILISE Wiki in the Biowikifarm provides an easy-to-use and open working space for the single COST MOBILISE Working Groups. It is established as an extra to the main MOBILISE website, the OSF MOBILISE Project Wiki in the Open Science Framework (OSF) platform, the DISSCo Project Management Platform (intern) and the COST Office website CA 17106.

The COST MOBILISE Action has six working groups with conveners and members:

The conveners and active members of the WG1 to WG6 working groups as well as short-term participants of COST MOBILISE activities are invited to initiate cooperations and discussions.

These activities might need a working space for the simple open editing of ad-interim scientific documents, agendas and meeting results, spreadsheets with structured information for evaluation purposes, evolving checklists and user guidelines, best practices and other valuable contributions on standards.

This kind of assistance for an open and dynamic co-operative process among groups of scientists and researchers is delivered by the Biowikifarm COST MOBILISE Wiki and will be used by the Working Group WG4.

COST actions will explicitly foster excellence and inclusiveness in science, i.e. ITC countries, early career investigators and gender balance.

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