WG4 Workshop: Towards publishing a "Guideline for long-term preservation and archiving of data products from scientific collections facilities"

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The event is based on results of the events in Sofia 2019 and Warsaw 2020 and continues the work done by an Archiving guideline editorial team in 2020 to 2021, see Minutes. The participants will specify the view on the topic in relation to current European infrastructure projects. They will continue to comment the text of the document "Guideline for long-term preservation and archiving of data products from scientific collections facilities" by their own expertise. The registered persons are either WG 4 members, MC members or additonal invited experts. They all will work together to improuve existing core messages, add further core messages and give recommendations to make the guideline ready to be published and linked as COST MOBILISE output in the Knowledge Base of DiSSCo and DiSSCo-linked projects. The objectives are to bring expertise together and finally have a published guideline for stakeholders in the collection facilities to increase expertise in standard data archiving processes for specimen- and collection-related data products.


Wednesday, June 16th, 2021

This workshop of CA17106 MOBILISE Working Group 4 is hosted in Zoom by the Natural History Museum of Crete, Heraklion, Greece.

In parallel, it is part of the 3rd all-hands Meeting of the MOBILISE COST Action. The all-hand Meeting at June 17th is described here with Agenda here.

Participants got an official invitation via the EU COST Office, Bruxelles.

The local host is represented by Katerina Voreadou (voreadou@gmail.com) and Vasilis Gerovasileiou.

Mil de Reus and Tanja Weibulat are acting as co-moderators.

Agenda, Time Slots Overview and Presentations

Start 14:00 CEST

14:00 - 14:15 Welcome and meeting introduction by the host and conveners, presentation of the Agenda (Katerina Voreadou, Gila Kahila Bar-Gal)

14:15 - 14:30 Keynote 1: One size fits all? Current strategies of digital preservation provided by National Archives of the Czech Republic (Zbyšek Stodůlka; Recording: 0.12.00)

14:30 - 14:45 Keynote 2: SODHA: Social Sciences and Digital Humanities Archive: From valorization to long time preservation (Johan Van Der Eycken; Recording: 0.31.30)

14:45 - 15:00 Introduction to the guideline concept (Tanja Weibulat; Recording: 0.52.00)

15:00 - 15:30 Discussion round 1: Guideline Messages from Chapter 1 + 3 (Sven Bingert; Recording: 1.03.00)

Coffee Break

15:45 - 16:15 Discussion round 2: Guideline Messages from Chapter 4 (Dragan Ivanovic; Recording: 1.40.00)

16:15 - 16:30 Summarising the results from the discussions (Dagmar Triebel, all)

16:30 - 16:45 Keynote 3: In Order to Archive: Converging Understanding with Need (Deborah Paul; Recording: 2.00.00)

16:45 - 17:00 Next steps and upcoming meetings (Dagmar Triebel)

  • The discussion rounds focus on the Guideline Messages. Are those understandable, relevant, and applicable. What guideline message is eventually missing.


Conveners: Gila Kahila Bar-Gal and Dagmar Triebel

The list was updated at June 17th. ZOOM indicated that there were up to 41 persons present, some who agreed to participate where not present, others who had not agreed were present. There were 13 participants from the WG4 group. Participants came from 24 countries.

last name first name email address country, affiliation notes
Addink Wouter wouter.addink@naturalis.nl The Netherlands, Naturalis MC, WG3 co-convener
Agosti Donat agosti@amnh.org Switzerland, Plazi WG4, MC
Alvarez Dorda Beatriz balvarez@mncn.csic.es Spain, CSIC and MNCN WG4
Alves Maria Judite mjalves@museus.ulisboa.pt Portugal, ULISBOA MC
Archambeau Anne-Sophie anne-sophie.archambeau@mnhn.fr France, MNHN-UMS WG4
Ariño Arturo H. artarip@unav.es Spain, MDC-UNAV MC
Bartolozzi Luca luca.bartolozzi@unifi.it Italy, SMA-UNIFI MC
Bingert Sven sven.bingert@gwdg.de Germany, GWDG WG4 editorial team
Chikalanov Alexander ctmdevelopment@yahoo.com Bulgaria, ULSIT WG4, MC-S
Frick Holger holger.frick@bs.ch Switzerland, SwissCollNet MC
Gagnier Pierre-Yves pierre-yves.gagnier@mnhn.fr France, MNHN WG4, MC-S
Gajdos Kljusuric Jasenka jgajdos@pbf.hr Croatia, University of Zagreb MC
Georgiev Boyko bbg@ecolab.bas.bg Bulgaria, University of Sofia MC
Gerovasileiou Vasilis vgerovas@hcmr.gr Greece, HCMR MC
Gueorguiev Borislav gueorguiev@nmnhs.com Bulgaria, NMNHS MC
Grobe Peter p.grobe@leibniz-zfmk.de Germany, ZFMK WG4
Hardisty Alex hardistyar@cardiff.ac.uk United Kingdom, Cardiff University WG4
Haston Elspeth ehaston@rbge.org.uk United Kingdom, RBGE MC, WG2 co-convener
Ivanovic Dragan dragan.ivanovic@uns.ac.rs Serbia, UNS WG4 editorial team
Kahila Bar-Gal Gila gila.kahila@mail.huji.ac.il Israel, NNHC WG4 editorial team, MC
Kelleher Colin colin.kelleher@opw.ie Ireland, BG OPW MC
Marcer Arnald arnald.marcer@uab.cat Spain, CREAF MC-S, WG2 co-convener
Marhold Karol karol.marhold@savba.sk Slovakia, SAV MC, STSM
Mergen Patricia patricia.mergen@plantentuinmeise.be Belgium, MBG MC-S, WG1 co-convener
Mitic Bozena bozena.mitic@biol.pmf.hr Croatia, University of Zagreb MC
Neuman Shoshana Shoshana.Neuman@biu.ac.il Israel, BIU WG4, MC
Paul Deborah dlpaul@illinois.edu United States, Illinois INHS keynote
Per Esra esraper@gazi.edu.tr Turkey, Gazi University MC
Pettersson Lars lars.pettersson@biol.lu.se Sweden, Lund University MC
Philipps Sarah sarah.phillips@kew.org U.K., Kew MC
Ristevski Blagoj blagoj.ristevski@uklo.edu.mk North Macedonia MC
Sailer Robert robert.sailer@nhm-wien.ac.at Austria, NHM substitute for Heimo Rainer, MC
Santos Joaquim joaquim.santos@uc.pt Portugal, UC (MC), WG2 co-convener
Stanley Ed elstanley@flmnh.ufl.edu United States, Florida -
Stodůlka Zbyšek Zbysek.Stodulka@nacr.cz Czech Republic, NACR keynote
Triebel Dagmar triebel@snsb.de Germany, SNSB WG4 editorial team, MC
Tykarski Piotr ptyk@biol.uw.edu.pl Poland, University of Warslaw MC
Van Der Eycken Johan johan.vandereycken@arch.be Belgium, ARCH keynote
Voreadou Catherina voreadou@nhmc.uoc.gr Greece, NHMC MC, meeting host
Vrenozi Blerina blerina.vrenozi@fshn.edu.al Albania, UNITIR MC
Weibulat Tanja weibulat@snsb.de Germany, SNSB and GFBio e.V. WG4 editorial team

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