WG4 Workshop "Data storage and archiving strategies: Towards a documentation and guideline" in Warsaw

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The event will continue to (a) describing two or three best practice archiving solutions and (b) start to write text fragments for a common guideline on archiving digital specimens and digital collections. This will include how to realise archiving procedures in different types of organisations and consortia. The registered participants are WG 4 members and will work on Google Docs linked here.

Agenda, Time Slots Overview and Presentations

--> Details of agenda and text fragments see here

Monday 10/02/2020

13.30-15.00 Plenary (intro-scope)

WG4 Conveners: COST MOBILISE WG4 Workshop Warsaw: Key Objectives

15.00-15.30 Coffee break

15.30-17.00 WG4 workshop (slot 1)

WG4 Conveners: COST MOBILISE WG4 Workshop Warsaw: Materials for Discussion

Tuesday 11/02/2020

08.15-08.30 Welcome coffee

09.00-10.30 WG4 workshop (slot 2)

  • Archiving workflow, tools and standards used at Paris for 10 000 000 images (Pierre-Yves Gagnier)

10.30-11.00 Coffee break

11.00-12.30 WG4 workshop (slot 3)

partly working in groups to create text fragments, for the assignment of group members see list of participants below

12.30-13.30 Lunch

13.30-15.00 WG4 workshop (slot 4)

  • continuation of working in groups

15.00-15.30 Coffee break

15.30-17.00 WG4 workshop (slot 5)

  • group 1-3 working together

Wednesday 12/02/2020

08.15-08.30 Welcome coffee

09.00-10.30 WG4 workshop (slot 6)

  • internal summarizing, joint work on WG4 report

10.30-11.00 Coffee break

11.00-12.30 Plenary (results-discussion)


Conveners: Gila Kahila Bar-Gal and Dagmar Triebel

last name first name email address country, affiliation notes
Alvarez Dorda Beatriz balvarez@mncn.csic.es Spain, CSIC and MNCN group "Functional topics"
Ben-Hur Eyal eyal.ben-hur@mail.huji.ac.il Israel, HUJI group "Best practices"
Bingert Sven sven.bingert@gwdg.de Germany, GWDG group "Best practices", editorial team
Caviere Fabien fabien.caviere@mnhn.fr France,MNHN-UMS group "General topics"
Chikalanov Alexander ctmdevelopment@yahoo.com Bulgaria, ULSIT group "Best practices"
Gagnier Pierre-Yves pierre-yves.gagnier@mnhn.fr France, MNHN group "Functional topics"
Grobe Peter p.grobe@leibniz-zfmk.de Germany, ZFMK group "Best practices"
Ivanovic Dragan dragan.ivanovic@uns.ac.rs Serbia, UNS group "Functional topics"; editorial team
Jakimovski Boro boro.jakimovski@finki.ukim.mk Macedonia, UKIM group "General topics"
Kahila Bar-Gal Gila gila.kahila@mail.huji.ac.il Israel, NNHC group "General topics", editorial team
Neuman Shoshana Shoshana.Neuman@biu.ac.il Israel, BIU group "Best practices"
Struck Torsten t.h.struck@nhm.uio.no Norway, UiO-NHM group "General topics", rapporteur
Triebel Dagmar triebel@snsb.de Germany, SNSB group "Functional topics", editorial team


Our guideline will be primarily for collection curators/ researchers, collection managers, collections directors and local IT staff at European NHMs to inform them about the topic "Archiving" (a) as a basic infrastructure service to be organised by their own local organisations, e.g. together with their national government, (b) as IT service provided by local, national or European IT infrastructure providers like CINES, Zenodo and in future EOSC and (c) as service offered - to a certain degree - by domain-specific consortia like DISSCo. (b) and (c) is for archiving information packages (digital objects) as far as provided under open access licences?

see also COST-MOBILISE WG4 Workshop Warsaw Results: Rapporteur´s Report (Torsten Struck), 2020-02-12

Editorial team for consolidated first version of the guideline: Sven Bingert, Dragan Ivanovic, Gila Kahila Bar-Gal, Dagmar Triebel


Useful links and materials

Definitions of core terms in the data archiving context



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The dinner in the Old Town 11 Feb., 19.00

We will have to split into two groups.

The restaurants are close, offering the unified menu with a guarantee of 20 EUR price, including a coffee/tea. Everyone willing to join is kindly asked to make a choice of the options given below BEFORE the Monday Plenary Session (we have to pass the order to the restaurant).

https://www.restauracjastolica.com ("The Capital" Restaurant, Stolica)

https://www.gospodakwiatypolskie.com ("Polish Flowers" Inn)

In order to not to exceed the capacity of the restaurants, we will divide into a group of WG1, WG2 and WG3 who will go to restaurant Gospoda Kwiaty Polskie and a group of WG4, WG5, WG6 who will go to restaurant Stolica. Both restaurants serve the same options and are very near to each other. The selection that you made in the registration form will cost a total amount of € 20.

The suggestion is for people to take the buses 128 or 175 and go to the end stop Plac Piłsudskiego.

Then go by foot to the restaurants: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CZVBrU8_w6P6iNndJA0SEdf2Nd3mkUll&usp=sharing

Otherwise you will have to change lines and reach the bus stop Plac Zamkowy (castle square) or the bus stop Kapitulna.

For those using smart apps there is a great app called "jakdojade" (and a website https://jakdojade.pl) covering the whole public transport in Warsaw.

We should be there at 19.00.


The Workshop will be held in Warsaw, February 10th to 12th 2020.

For overview see Mobilise meeting in Warsaw.

It will be hosted by the Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw (CNBCh-UW).


Map of the venue location

University of Warsaw

Biological and Chemical Research Centre

Żwirki i Wigury 101

02-089 Warsaw

host: Piotr Tykarski: ptyk@biol.uw.edu.pl

MOBILISE Administrator: Mil de Reus: mil.dereus@naturalis.nl

The meetings are planned in the following meeting rooms:

Website of CNBCh (the venue) with rooms: CNBCh: English version; CNBCh: Polish version

  • Plenary, MC3 and WG1-3 in Aula C ("Hol przy Auli C")
  • Monday: WG 2, WG 4, WG 5, WG 6 - in rooms 107.R, 0.109, 0.36, 5.02 Attention! New room numbers!
  • Tuesday to Wednesday: WG 2, WG 4, WG 5, WG 6 - in rooms 0.36, 0.37, 0.38, 0.117
  • Lunch breaks at Tuesday and Wednesday in room 0.03, same building as the meeting rooms

On Monday there will be some light lunch for those who are traveling Monday morning and are not able to have lunch before coming over to the meeting venue.

Recommended hotels:

Attention: COST Office will refund up to 80 € per night!

Closer to the city centre:

or on the airport side but close to the venue:

or closer to the airport:

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