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For a listing of COST MOBILISE events see also here.

Some WG4 add-ons and contributions are listed below.

Upcoming Events with WG4 contribution

Termin Event
2020 – 2021 WG4 Editorial meetings (ZOOM), see Minutes
2021, October 18th to 22th TDWG Virtual Conference 2021, lecture; see and Symposium 3 schedule

Past Events with WG4 contribution

Termin Event
2021, June 16th to 17th MOBILISE All Hands Meeting virtually hosted by the Natural History Museum of Crete including a WG4 workshop Towards publishing a "Guideline for long-term preservation and archiving of data products from scientific collections facilities"
2020, February 10th to 12th WG4 Workshop "Data storage and archiving strategies: Towards a documentation and guideline" in Warsaw
2019, October 21st to October 25th biodiversity_next – a joint international conference by TDWG, GBIF, CETAF & DiSSCo, Symposium "Federated Infrastructures for Sustainable Biodiversity Data Management (SI55)" Leiden, The Netherlands; Symposium SI55 co-organised by MOBILISE WG 4
2019, March 12th to 13th WG4 Workshop "Data storage and archiving strategies" in Sofia (NMNHS)
2019, February 13th to February 14th CETAF Joint ISTC and Digitisation Working Groups Meeting at the Natural History Museum Vienna, Austria; lecture on MOBILISE WG4
2018, November 16th COST Action MOBILISE Alignment Workshop succeeding the CETAF 44 General Assembly at Bratislava, Slovakia

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